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Let us provide you with the latest hardware, software and cloud solutions for your business. This ensures the smooth operating of your business now, and into the future.

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We can provide our clients with competitive pricing on the latest range of hardware and IT infrastructure. We can provide you with all the IT hardware you require to run your business – from laptop, to switches, servers and storage solutions.

Through access to the best venders and the latest technologies we can ensure that your business has the best possible solutions at the right price. With multiple options available to us we can provide you with the right solution – not just giving you want you want but also what you need to run and grow your business efficiently. 

Our buying power means that we are able to give you competitive pricing from tier one vendors. As a client of Specialist IT we can work together to ensure that by working together we can also plan your IT procurement over a period of time. This has important ramifications for your own business and your own cash flow.

If you engage Specialist IT to manage your IT hardware procurement, you can also be confident that we can manage and support any hardware that is provided to you. 


With many software products now requiring ongoing licencing to ensure that you have the most up to date versions of your software, knowing when each software requires a licence update can be difficult to keep track of.


You may also end up paying for software licences that you do not need.


We can help connect you with the latest software vendors, track when your software licences are due for renewal and ensure that you are not paying for any software that you don’t need. This can lead to a significant saving for your business.

Cloud Services

With many businesses now having teams that work remotely, we’ve seen an increase in businesses embracing Cloud Services to run their business. This has lead to a rise in Cloud Services that businesses owners can use to enhance their business operations – leading to more efficient staff and more satisfied customers. 

Cloud services can include software but also includes cloud storage, email, calendars and other collaboration tools as an example.

At Specialist IT we can help you identify and deploy the right Cloud Services for your business needs.

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