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Industry Specialists

At Specialist IT, our technicians have many years experience across a number of industry sectors. Below you will see a number of sectors where we have extensive experience.

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Healthcare & Medical

Specialist IT have extensive experience in the Healthcare and Medical Sector. We understand the complexities that Clinics are under and have solutions for them that achieve the following:


Streamlined Processes – We can help Clinics streamline and automate processes, increasing efficiency and removing complexity. This makes it easier for Practitioners to do their work and enhances their patent experiences.

Vendor Support & Engagement – Most Clinics hate dealing with Vendors (software providers and telecommunications providers etc.) We can take this stress off of Clinics in the Healthcare and Medical field. 

Security and Data Protection – Data confidentiality is especially important for those in the Healthcare and Medical field – especially as they are dealing with patient data. We ensure all systems are protected from the latest cyber threats.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents have their own IT Support needs. At Specialist IT, we ensure Real Estate Agents have systems that help them support their clients. We know how important 100% uptime is vital for their business. We give them the systems that allow them to focus on serving their clients. 

Our 24/7 monitoring and support, combined with experience in a range of real estate software solutions means that we can support their business efficiently and effectively.


Specialist IT understands how important uninterrupted IT is required for uninterrupted production in your manufacturing business. We provide proactive support to ensure that your systems are protected and working efficiently. 

We understand the importance of efficient systems and proactive security to ensure that your technology improves your business productivity. We make sure your business is protected from internal and external IT threats.


With most accounting work now occurring in the Cloud, Specialist IT services understands the importance of efficient working technology for your firm. We understand that you can’t support your clients if you have technology glitches, hardware breakdowns or, worse, viruses. 

We understand the importance of your IT systems and want to remove your IT headaches. Through proactive support and management, we help you manage your files and communicate effectively. 

Not For Profit

Specialist IT technicians have extensive experience supporting the NFP sector. We understand the unique circumstances and challenges that NFPs find themselves in and deliver solutions that fulfil their needs. 

We understand that NFPs have cost sensitivities. Their budgets are not large but they face the same problems and threats that others have with their IT systems. Specialist IT services provide fixed price services to the NFP sector, meaning that the NFP sector can get the support that is required and it won’t break their budget. 

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