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The Security of your IT systems and data is vital. Here are some of the ways that Specialist IT can protect and support your networks and systems.

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Password Managers

With more and more online accounts requiring more and more login details, managing all the password requirements of a business’s accounts is becoming more cumbersome.

An increased number of usernames and passwords becomes a cybersecurity issue when some people take shortcuts by using the same password for multiple accounts. Whilst reusing passwords may seem convenient, this can cause issues when an online platform suffers a breach and your login information becomes compromised. 

At Specialist IT we can help you with a secure password manager to manage all of your passwords for all of your different accounts.

Disaster Recovery Plans

Whilst no one ever wants anything to go wrong, sometimes things do go wrong. If you are not prepared for a disaster, it can be devastating for your business if something does go wrong.

Disasters can happen due to  natural disasters, power outages, cyber attacks and any other disruptive events. 

A Disaster Recovery Plan is a formalised, documented process of what to do if something does go wrong, ensuring you can resume operations as quickly as possible if key systems do go offline.

We help you document processes, empower key stakeholders and get back online as quickly as possible.


With teams increasingly working remotely, data protection and privacy is increasingly important. When a business of any size collects data that can personally identify a client of theirs, it’s vital that this data is protected and encrypted. This ensures that people that shouldn’t have access to the data don’t have access to the data.

We ensure that your business has properly set up data encryption to protect your files. We do this to minimise your risk of being sued, which is a real possibility if someone unauthorised gains access to your data.

Two Factor Authentication

Many online accounts are protected by a username and password. Strong passwords are good but many bad actors are able to more easily gain access to accounts where the only protection is through a username and password.

Two Factor Authentication, often shortened to 2FA, is an added level of security. 2FA means that after inputting your username and password, you’ll be asked to provide an extra code – sometimes sent through as an SMS but more often using an Authenticator App


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects your organisation when sharing data online. With more and more of your team working remotely, a VPN can disguise web traffic, protecting important files from external access. This protects data from hackers and cybercriminals, ensuring your team can safely work remotely.

New threats are occuring every day. It’s important that you implement essential security measures to protect your IT data and your networks. Get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote and audit of your systems.

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