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Specialist IT Services are here when you need them. We service our clients in a range of ways, with support available via phone, through remote support and in person when required.

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At Specialist IT we have a team of professional technicians available to provide Phone Support to clients when required. This support is provided when clients need it. Our customer focussed technicians pride themselves on supporting our clients with quick results. Whether it is support for your devices, setting up new users and ensuring network security, we can ensure you have the support that you need to confidently run your business.


Remote Support can be both provided proactively and reactively. By proactively managing software updates and monitoring devices, Specialist IT can ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and that your network is secure.

Often, if a problem occurs, Specialist IT can provide solutions remotely. Specialist IT can access your network from offsite, and diagnose and solve problems without having to visit you onsite.


Sometimes, problems occur that require one of our Specialist IT technicians to come onsite. When such issues arise we ensure that your technicians are available to service you as required and when required. 

At Specialist IT we strive for long term clients and ongoing relationships. We look for proactive and all-inclusive solutions. We want to ensure that we offer simple solutions that meet all your needs – the way that you need them.

Our full service, comprehensive solutions mean that you can be confident that your team has the support that they need, when they need it. Your team will be proactive and your data will be secure.

If you would like to discuss how Specialist IT can support your team and your technology, please get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.

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