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At Specialist IT Services, we know how important working IT is for your business. We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. We manage your IT needs so you don’t need to waste time on IT problems. We’ve got you covered so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Services

What We Offer


With clear documentation and policies, you can be confident in the support provided. Our services are delivered with a fixed cost following standard procedure. You simply log a job and we manage your ticket with no outsourcing.

Office365 Experts

We can help install and optimise Office365 for your business - Hosted Exchange Email, Not For Profit Configurations, OneDrive & SharePoint, AzureAD

Industry Specialists

Our team of professionals have experience in the following industries - Healthcare & Medical, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Accounting, Not For Profit. We can help you if you are in a different industry too.

Web Hosting

We provide a range of hosting services - Websites, Domains, WebDisks


We can provide remote support, phone support and onsite support when required.

Sales - Software & Hardware

We can provide you with the latest in hardware, software and cloud service subscriptions.


We help set up Business Networking, Data Racks, VPNs, WiFi, UniFi


Password Managers, Disaster Recovery Plans, Encryption, Two Factor Authentication, VPN

Welcome To Specialist IT

The Perfect Solutions

At Specialist IT we understand that working IT services are vital to your bottom line. Efficient IT means improved business efficiency. Our passion is IT that works smoothly, delivered with excellent customer service. We are always looking for areas of improvement.

High Quality Service

We are your one stop shop. We treat you as part of the family and not just a number.


We provide support when you need it and how you need it.

Why Choose Us

Provide Advanced Security for Advanced Threat

Our Specialist IT technicians pride themselves on our professionalism and customer service. We strive to meet strict response times. We avoid jargon and geek speak, ensuring you understand our recommended solutions at all times. We ensure that your IT is not confusing.

Our Values

We Value Our Clients Concerns Most Of All

Security Services

Cyber Security should be at the forefront of every business decision. Threats are out there and malicious actress are looking to exploit businesses every day. We provide a range of security services to suit your needs

Data Privacy

We know that you have a massive amount of data, and with everything now being managed from the Cloud, it’s important to make sure that data is protected. We ensure data privacy is built in to your system


Our proactive support services means that we can often resolve problems before you even know that they have happened.

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Do You Have Any Questions?

We are always here to help. Please get in touch today if you have any questions.