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Welcome To Specialist IT

The Perfect Solution For All The Protection Question

We support a wide range of clients across Melbourne. We provide ourselves at being the best in the business. We do this through our professional, certified team that all carry the same passion for excellent customer service.

When you deal with Specialist IT you have a single contact point for all of your IT needs. We can respond quickly and efficiently to all of your needs.

Our Vision

To make sure that businesses that don’t fully understand their IT services still get the most from efficient IT services.

Our Mission

Specialist IT Services mission is to provide high quality, consistent, process driven technology based solutions to our customers. We aim to have a long term engagement and integration with our customers and align our services with their goals.

About Us

Patrick and Luke at Specialist IT services are passionate about supporting their clients, no matter the size of the client. Whether a small home office or a team of 100, Specialist IT pride themselves on their honest and professional approach to all things IT. For Patrick and Luke, no job is too big or too small.

To find out more about our company directors, please read below.

Luke Wigley

Luke has over 25 years experience in the IT industry. You could say that it is his passion and vocation. From his days developing his love for all things IT and technology at school, Luke was immediately drawn to the industry.

From 1998 onwards Luke has worked with many firms supporting the needs of their clients – both business and consumer clients. In 2015 he and Patrick formed the Specialist IT partnership, leveraging their unique skills, talents and wider networks to support each other and their client bases. 

Qualifications – Cisco Certified Network Associate, Apple Certified Macintosh Technician, 25 Years industry and on the job experience

Values – Lifelong Learning, Accountability, Building Relationships, Honesty, Reliability

When he is not supporting his clients Luke likes, watching his favourite premier league team the Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) as well as dabbling in Crypto creation and trading.

Patrick Bolch

Patrick has always been the go to guy for IT Support in his wider family. His interest in all things computers blossomed whilst he was in school.  This led to Patrick studying Business Information Systems at University and a lifelong career working in the IT industry.

Since finishing his studies, Patrick has been supporting business and consumer clients across the Mornington Peninsula, starting with Computer Repairs before moving into more proactive IT support for a number of businesses. 

Patrick was managing his own IT Support team before joining the Specialist IT partnership as a director. This enables him to ensure his clients are provided the support they need and the team can focus on providing proactive support to clients across the country, fostering deep and long term relationships. 

Qualification: Bachelor of Business Information Systems, Apple Certified Macintosh Technician. Patrick has over a decade’s experience in the IT Industry.

Values: Hard Work, human focussed connection, accountability, process driven solutions, good humour.

When he is not solving problems for his clients Patrick enjoys running, cooking, cryptocurrency, supporting Collingwood in the AFL, and supporting Brighton Hove & Albion in the English Premier League

Specialist IT is a premium Managed Service Provider and IT Support Company based in Melbourne’s South East. Our team of professional technicians came together with a  unified vision. We want to help those that understand the value of efficient IT services, but don’t know much about computers and IT systems.  Specialist IT is a company that focuses heavily on ongoing relationships with their clients and their goal is to make your IT problems a thing of the past. Specialist IT services have a wide range of experiences and expertise, and can provide premium services across a number of industries. 

We avoid Geek Speak and jargon, making sure that you understand and are comfortable with your IT services. We can help you with a wide range of software products, from Office365 to specialist software for your industry. Whether you are a new business looking to start off or an existing business looking to upgrade, Specialist IT has the capability to fit your needs – whether you are working alone or whether you have a team. 

If you are looking for a hands-on approach to your IT systems and support Specialist IT is happy to help, we have all kinds of clients all over Victoria, the ones are within driving distance too, we do make an effort to come see you. We know how frustrating it can be to have a system crash, slow down or just stop working all together. We like to make sure that our clients never even get to that point. In saying that, things can happen unexpectedly but you can feel 100% confident that if that does happen, we will be there to fix it. We are only ever just a phone call away.

We Are Open For Opportunities!

Do you offer a software or technology solution that can support our clients needs? We are open to discuss opportunities that support our clients needs.

Security Services

We ensure our clients are protected. Cybercrime is on the rise and becoming increasingly complex. You can’t just download antivirus software and hope for the best. We help ensure all of your devices are protected.

Data Privacy

You need to ensure all your data is kept private and protected. It’s increasingly important as your clients understand how much data is stored and they want to know that it is going to be protected.

Industry Certified

Our team of technicians are industry certified for a range of hardware and software solutions. We regularly update our certifications to ensure we can best protect our clients.