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Managed Service Provider

When choosing a Managed Service Provider, it is important to select the right one for your business needs. Specialist IT provides businesses with IT related services ranging from servers and desktop support to security audits and managed data backups . Specialist IT providers have a unique understanding of the technology that runs modern businesses, this expertise allows them to offer truly expert services to businesses.

When looking for a managed service provider Specialist IT has the technical expertise and capabilities needed to deliver fast, efficient, high-quality support without the need for additional consultation costs. Through our Managed Service Provider solution we provide on-demand access to certified, highly skilled and professional technicants that are ready, 24/7, to manage any IT issues that arise.

We provide a level of services that you can exceed expectations and are tailored to clients’ needs. Our Managed Services ensure that you have minimal downtime. This is achieved through proactive maintenance plans and regular updates Specialist IT Managed Service Providers dramatically reduce the risk of major system failure which would require.

More Information?

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Standardisation and Policy Driven Support

In order to ensure that our clients have high quality support, we ensure that our clients services are standardised and delivered through policy driven support. Through documentation of processes, backed by strong IT policy and analysis, we create a plan that will suit your company’s needs. We create a solution that focuses on what is important for your company.

This helps Specialist IT Services to optimise your IT, manage any migrations and upgrades and manage your technology going forward. We take care of your systems through proactive management and support. 

Thorough documentation means that we can proactively manage your IT in a supportive and collaborative process. We can proactively pan for the future.

Fixed Costs

Our Managed Services are offered at a competitive price representing great value for money. Our fixed monthly costs are an investment in the future of your business. 

Our fixed cost packages mean our services are accessible to a wide range of businesses, no matter your size.

We offer competitive pricing that represents excellent value for money.  Our services are an investment rather than a cost. Fixed costs mean you can better manage your cashflow.

No Outsourcing

Where other Managed Service Providers might outsource some of their work, our clients are managed by our in-house team. We do not outsource our work to third party technicians.

Standard Operating Procedures

We understand the importance of communication. By following standard operating procedures we ensure that we are in constant contact with our clients. Through standard operating procedures we can ensure that your business can meet its short, medium and long term goals.

Ticket and Job Logging

Our ticket and job logging system means that you are proactively supported in a timely manner. We offer this through helpdesk support, onsite support and through the proactive monitoring and maintenance of all of your systems. We keep track of all your software and devices, fixing problems before they happen.

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