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For all your Hosting needs choose specialist IT. Whether web hosting, domain hosting or WebDisks we have you covered.

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If you have had a website designed you need somewhere to host it. Web hosting is what allows you to display your website – the graphics, the text, the colours and the videos. You need web hosting in order to ensure when someone types in your domain name your web site displays. It’s kind of like a retail shop hiring a store in a shopping centre or retail shopping strip.

It doesn’t matter what or how you build your website, you will need web hosting. No matter who you use to build your website, we can provide you with the right web hosting solution. With Specialist IT, we host your website files on our recommended servers.


If you want to have a website you need to register a domain name – for example (For us it’s This is how your existing customers and potential new customers find you. When typing in your domain name, this directs them to your web hosting and then they can see your website.

To register a domain name, you need a domain hosting provider. In order to offer a one stop shop for our clients, we offer domain hosting. We help clients by registering their domain, and then managing the domain so that it can point to relevant web hosting providers and other services as required.


WebDisks allow you to access files stored on the web using a similar system to how you would normally access files on your desktop. You can create folders on your computer to store and access remotely hosted files. 

WebDisks also give you the flexibility of accessing files remotely – and giving access to your team. This means that you can connect and collaborate as remote teams, wherever your team is located in the world. 

No matter your hosting needs, the team at Specialist IT can help. Please get in touch today to discuss your hosting needs – whether web hosting, domain hosting and WebDisk requirements. 

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