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Businesses need to create IT networks, to suppor their business activities and to ensure they protect the security of their networks. Specialist IT can help with all of your networking needs.

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Business Networking

At Specialist IT we help our clients set up internal networks. This means that businesses can share files and information internally with employees and other stakeholders. Internal business networks can also include other software solutions  – email services, instant messaging, CRMs and other internal communication and collaboration systems.

We help ensure that business networks are set up efficiently and securely – with access not available to those from outside the company. Where required we can also set up secure access for some stakeholders from outside the organisation using remote access protection and login protection.

Data Racks

In order to properly manage and protect your networking and communications equipment, at Specialist IT we help clients through the installation of safe and neat data racks. Whether a compact solution for a small office or larger requirements for a larger corporation, we can install the right rack solution for your needs. Data racks can be floor mounted or wall mounted. 

Data racks are suited for a number of pieces of equipment needed for the ongoing running of your networks  – servers, hard drives, DVRS, switches, routers, patch panels, phone systems and other required equipment. 

Through our range of suppliers we can supply and install high quality equipment, including fans, safety doors and other parts required for their ongoing work.


With remote teams becoming the norm, rather than the exception, at Specialist IT we realise our clients need secure access now more than ever. We help clients set up secure access via a VPN so that remote team members can access the files that they need in a secure way – protecting their networks from external access. 

We offer reliable, secure VPN access to teams.


Where clients want secure, wireless networks across their premises we can help clients set up these networks. We can ensure that the network is set up securely, and can also be accessed by devices wherever they are in the premises without the need for a physical cable or access point. 

Wireless networks are generally cheaper,quicker and easier to set up than wired networks


UniFi, from Ubiquiti offers a range of hardware –  wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras, controller devices, and access control products. Using the UniFi range of hardware, Specialist IT is able to ensure that we set up your office or premises and avoid blackspots – ensuring wireless access is secure and strong throughout your premises.

If you’d like to discuss networking for your business – both on premises and ensuring your networks are secure remotely, please get in touch with the team at Specialist IT today to discuss your needs.

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